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Call Us Today
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Pre-Start Plans

The following is an overview of the steps that A Professional Building Service will take prior to creating a maintenance plan for you. We will guide you through these steps, providing all the attention and clarification required. While going through each step, we provide you the opportunity to address any issues at any point in the process.
Site Review
Prior to submitting any bids or proposals, A Professional Building Service will do a complete inspection of your property.
Facility Management Meetings
A successful startup plan is based in planning, organizing, and developing a good customer relationship with clear lines of communication. Meetings are arranged to delineate the management that oversees the facility. For more information, please see our Services page.
A Professional Building Service

Paramont, California

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floor maintenance
Floor Cleaning
Expendable supplies may be provided by either customer or through A Professional Building Service (by written request to accept supply charges).
Our equipment will be handled only by A Professional Building Service personnel due to insurance purposes.
Post-Approval Procedure
The following procedures will be implemented upon acceptance of our work proposal:
  • Janitor crew will meet with the facility manager for formal introductions
  • Tour of the project facility will be conducted
  • Identify special security considerations
  • Coordinate any special procedures
  • Elaborate an inventory of all customer supplies as received
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